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Special issue Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems Journal

Call for manuscripts

Technological and Methodological Advances in Measuring, Mapping and Monitoring Soil

OpenLandMap landing page
Pre-release LandGIS

Making an OpenStreetMap-type data portal for land-related environmental data

The OpenGeoHub Foundation is pleased to

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Geo-harmonizer project: making new seamless spatial layers for the continental EU

OpenGeoHub has started in 2019 an Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) co-funded project called "Geo-harmonizer: EU-wide automated mappi

MOOD - MOnitoring Outbreak events for Disease surveillance in a data science context

OpenGeoHub is proud to be part of the international consortium on the H2020 project MOnitoring Outbreak events for Disease surveillance in a data s

Popular Courses

Visualization of spatial and spatiotemporal data

2 days

To be able to use spatial data and make decisions based on it, we need to be able to visualize it (statically, interactively, through web etc).

Machine Learning for spatial data

3 days

Machine Learning Algorithms are increasingly interesting for analyzing spatial data, especially to derive spatial predictions / for spatial interpolation and to detect spatial patterns. Spatial aut

Spatial and Spatiotemporal Classes and Methods in R

1 week

Several R packages exists that allows loading spatial and spatiotemporal data and which provide structures, validity control and functions.

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