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Contact Info
Mohammadreza Sheykhmousa
Researcher / technical staff

At OpenGeoHub, Mohammadreza implements spatial analysis steps by producing functions, scripts, and batch files running in data science programming languages R, Python, and similar. Specific tasks include but are not limited to:

  • cross-checking code and functionality implemented by other staff,
  • visually checking results of predictive mapping / spatial analysis,
  • producing matrix comparisons/feasibility studies that can help OpenGeoHub make better decisions about the design of predictive mapping systems,
  • helping with the organization of events including OpenGeoHub summer schools, hackathons, and workshops.



MSc, ITC Enschede (Geo-information Science and Earth Observation)
BSc, IHU Tehran (Geomatics Engineering)

Mohammadreza has a background in remote sensing and Geomatics engineering. At OpenGeoHub, Mohammadreza is a researcher. Besides the above-mentioned tasks, his function also includes the following:

  • Installation and optimization of software (under Linux OS or similar),
  • data preparation, import, pre-processing, spatial overlay, and visualization,
  • model building and fine-tuning of Ensemble Machine Learning,
  • running cross-validation and accuracy assessment using statistical frameworks,
  • parallelization, and back-end development.


    • 2020–present: Researcher OpenGeoHub Foundation,
    • 2019–2020: eLEAF Ltd, Netherlands,
    • 2010–2015: Boland Payeh Construction Company, Tehran, Iran
    • 2007–2010: Hexa Consulting Company, Tehran, Iran
    Starting to understand why is most of computing done in Ubuntu and why most of servers run Linux